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Everything you ever needed to know about quickly and accurately marking plastics and powder-coated surfaces with Iriotec® 8000 laser sensitive pigments.

Making a mark

Laser marking is the best possible way to add an indelible identification to a product. Not only are markings durable, accurate, individual, and forgery-proof, they can also be applied in the blink of an eye.

Of course everyone has different expectations when it comes to laser marking. Plus ingenious scientists are continuously coming up with new ways to process or finish materials. So our aim with this portal is to provide you with a helping hand when it comes to identifying a suitable product for your needs. Tap into our wealth of laser marking know-how:

  • Learn about our laser sensitive powders and granules and how they work
  • Discover interesting facts about the features and properties of laser marking
  • Pinpoint the product that’s best for your application using our laser configurator

For this to work quickly and effectively, you’ll need to be sure about your exact requirements. What factors are already a given? What exactly do you hope to achieve? Our Laser Portal will help you work this out. If you still need more detailed information or would like to receive advice on a technical issue, simply get in touch with our laser specialists.

Plastics and powder-coated surfaces

Our laser-sensitive pigments are ideal for marking plastics and powder-coated surfaces. Explore all the benefits of our products for these materials.

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The power of the powder

Our pigments can be supplied as a powder and used for a variety of plastics and powder-coated surfaces. Explore more about our Iriotec® 8000 pigment powders.

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Pigment granules

We also offer pigment granules for dark markings on light materials. Explore more about our laser-sensitive Iriotec® 8000 pigment granules.

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How does laser marking actually work?

At first, marking materials with a light source sounds like something from a wizard’s manual on magic. But actually, with our laser pigments it’s very simple. Explore more about how laser marking works.

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The low-down on lasers

To understand how laser marking works it is helpful to understand how lasers work. Visit our page about lasers to explore more about the essentials and the mechanisms behind.

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Find your product

Our product configurator will support you in finding the perfect Iriotec® 8000 laser pigment for your requirements.


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