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Laser pigment granules

Iriotec® 8000 pigment granules allow you to add dark laser markings to materials with a light background, spanning a multitude of applications.

Little granules that leave a big impression

Our Iriotec® 8000 granules are ideal for adding dark laser markings to light materials required in a variety of applications. The secret of these granules lies in the way they change color when exposed to a laser beam. Because they change from the inside-out, this has absolutely no impact on the polymer itself.

Iriotec® 8000 pigments consist of millions of miniscule elements that have been ingeniously mixed and matched to deliver exactly the right marking properties. By striking the right balance between absorbers and color formers, particles (that are insoluble in the polymer matrix of the final product) provide you with the optimal color change.

A bit like when you mix a cake, it is the distribution of different particles that has to be right – and with Iriotec® 8000 laser pigments, even when the particles are incorporated into plastics during production, they stay together just as required. Afterwards, when they’re struck by a laser beam, they immediately go dark. This process results in an intense new color and even works at low laser energy levels.

Our granule technology offers you clear benefits when it comes to laser marking:

  • Easy to incorporate into the polymer matrix, whether you want to create a color concentrate or add your solution during the final production stage
  • Matched to the needs of a variety of conventional production processes such as injection molding, injection blow molding, and extrusion
  • Suitable for a variety of materials – e.g., polyoxymethylene (POM), polyethylene (PE), or thermoplastic elastomers (TPU). Please contact us if you would like to learn more about suitable materials or laser marking in general.

The Benefits to you



  • Suitable for a wide range of thermoplastics
  • Minimal impact on the properties of most standard polymers
  • Suitable for use in a multitude of production processes 
  • Suitable for all industrial laser marking systems with wavelengths between 355 and 2200 nm

Top Performance

Top Performance

  • Ultra-fast marking – the substances activated by lasers can even undergo strong color changes under weak laser beams
  • Excellent marking with exceptional contrast
  • Minimal impact on the base color of polymers
    • If necessary, adjustment can be made with added colors



  • Minimal dust production, offering clean, convenient, and safe handling during storage and production
  • Iriotec® 8210 pigment granule can be used for sensitive applications such as food & beverage duo to our clean and food safe marking technology

Products and their key benefits

Iriotec® 8208

Iriotec® 8208

  • Normally used in thermoplastics at concentrations of 2-3%
  • Main application areas: TPUs, polyolefins, and POM
  • Processing temperature should be at least 140°C and no more than 280°C

Learn more about Iriotec® 8208.

Iriotec® 8210

Iriotec® 8210

  • Aimed at industries in sensitive areas such as food packaging and toys
  • High-speed, high-contrast marking suitable for foils and films
  • Processing temperature must be below 250°C
    • Recommended for polyolefins and TPUs

Learn more about Iriotec® 8210.

Laser sensitive pigment powders

Besides our laser sensitive pigment granules, we are also offering laser sensitive pigment powder. Visit our page about pigment powder to explore more about our whole product portfolio of laser sensitive pigments.

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