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Laser marking

Our laser marking solutions create fast, accurate, and permanent identification in plastic and powder-coated surfaces.

Precision marked

Wasted time looking for the right cable in a pile, an unreadable expiration date, or blurred text on a product package – these situations can be avoided by using laser marking technology.

With the help of laser radiation, plastic and powder-coated surfaces can be marked – fast, accurately, durably, and with razor-sharp precision. Practical applications include serial numbers on electronic components, barcodes on animal ear tags, best-before dates on food packaging, and scaleson medical devices. Iriotec® 8000 products fulfill the highest requirements placed on high-tech laser applications.

Invisibly incorporated into the polymer, laser additives of the Iriotec® 8000 series unfold their special properties under laser influence: they turn laser radiation into color and create “light that writes”. Laser marking is suitable for plastics and powder-coated surfaces.


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