We develop high-tech materials for applications and technologies that require the interaction of light and electronics.

We materialize light

Optoelectronics is shaping the future with sophisticated applications requiring the interaction of light and electronics. We leverage our strong expertise in displays and semiconductors to create solutions for the optoelectronic sector. Our materials enable a wide variety of technologies, including LED, OLED, photovoltaics, and photonics. You find these technologies in the automotive, architecture, solar energy, and optics industries.

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Our high-performance phosphor materials enhance LEDs, paving the way for effective, energy-saving lighting applications with extraordinarily long lifespans.

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Metalorganic precursors

Our high-purity metalorganic precursors and dopants, with high batch-to-batch uniformity, are used in a multitude of applications such as thin-film solar cells, laser diodes, and LED chip manufacturing.

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We are a global supplier of high-performance photoresist materials for substrate patterning and LED chip manufacturing, enabling high throughput, better adhesion, and increased thermal stability.

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Barrier materials

Use our formulations for roll-to-roll coating of high-barrier films on flexible or rigid substrates. Processing the films using short-wavelength UV or steam curing results in thin glass-like layers. Our development stream targets single layers with increased performance coated on plastic substrates, for example, for PV or OLED encapsulation.

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LED packaging

We develop novel binder spray materials, offering new possibilities for LED packaging, especially in high-power applications.

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Specialties and precursors

We provide you with electronic-grade inorganic and organic materials for synthesis and purification of III/V or II/VI semiconductor nanocrystals. Use them to enhance your solar cell, detector, or display by manipulating light based on quantum effects.

Photovoltaic solutions

Ready for the future of solar? We provide the solar industry with materials that boost the efficiency of solar cells as well as make processes better and more efficient. New technologies like organic photovoltaics (OPV) not only enable cost-efficient, fast, and eco-friendly production, they also provide great freedom of design.

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Materials for crystal growth

Our high-purity, anhydrous metal halides, beads, and powders (Optipur®) are tailor-made for growing crystals and producing thin films. These materials are key to detecting radiation in applications such as medical imaging, security, and UV optics.

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Optical coating materials

We offer Patinal® evaporation materials for the deposition of optical thin-film systems. We design our products to work on various substrates and increase the robustness of your valuable optical coating process.

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OLED materials for lighting

Make light come alive with a broad range of OLED materials. OLED lighting panels are energy-efficient, extremely thin, and can be transparent and flexible, making it possible to create entirely new lighting objects. In the future, luminous windows, curtains, and wallpapers may become part of our everyday lives.

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