Barrier materials

Formulations for roll-to-roll coating of high-barrier films on flexible or rigid substrates. Processing the films using short-wavelength UV or steam curing results in thin glass-like layers.

Barrier formulations

We supply polysilazane formulations for special purpose barrier coatings, which can be applied to plastics, glass, and other surfaces. We provide responsive, local support to our customers, helping them to rapidly bring advanced barrier coating solutions to the market.

Product overview:

  • Solution-processable coating materials based on polysilazanes
  • Available for various coating methods including roll-to-roll printing
  • Curing transforms the product into transparent, silica glass-like layers
  • Creation of an inorganic barrier film (contains no carbon)
  • Catalyst contained materials, catalyst assist low temperature cure for transformation

Formulations for high-performance barrier films

As a result of polymerization, polysilazane is transformed into a transparent glass-like layer after processing. This layer makes a barrier against oxygen and water and achieves < 10-3 g/m2/day in a single layer and < 10-4 g/m2/day in a multiple-layer configuration.

Basic knowledge of polysilazanes

Polysilazanes are polymers in which silicon and nitrogen atoms alternate to form the basic backbone. Each silicon atom is bound to two separate nitrogen atoms and each nitrogen atom to two silicon atoms as depicted.

Key features and benefits

Tunable barrier performance

  • Easy-to-adjust formulation for different target end-markets

Thin layers

  • 200 ~ 800 nm thick

Variety of substrates

  • Designed for coating on plastics or glass

Easy processing

  • Do not need vacuum processing


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