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Interested in Surface Prep and Cleans for Packaging and EMI Spray Coatings?

We are sponsoring 2 Technical Session at the ECTC2020 Virtual Conference titled “High Density RDL for Advanced Interconnects” and “Antenna-in-Package for 5G and Radar Systems”. Register below for free to check out our product information related to these areas by selecting the Sponsor & Exhibitor Media tab for each technical session and the EMD Performance Materials attachment therein!

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Does PCRAM Have Potential Beyond Optane?

Earlier this year, phase change memory (PCRAM) was touted as one of three emerging memories to watch. Intermolecular's CTO Karl Littau said PCRAM still doesn’t scale as well as the manufacturing technologies for vertical 3D NAND because it must be built up layer by layer, each with its own critical lithography and etching steps.

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Advanced Photoresists for the More-than-Moore Industry

The megatrends of mobile applications and smart cars are enabled by leading manufacturers of devices such as RF components, MEMS, Power ICs - just to mention a few. Improvements in performance and integration requirements urge advancements in technology, in chip design, and manufacturing processes. Thereby, lithography plays a key role and new, process specific needs emerge that call for new solutions. This talk will provide insights into our recent developments in photoresist which are specifically designed to meet the needs of the More-than-Moore industry.

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Aqueous Materials for Advanced Lithography

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, provides a broad material portfolio enabling advanced photolithography. Rinse material is a unique offering to alleviate capillary force hence mitigate pattern collapse in very fine photoresist pattern through reducing surface tension with novel surfactants. Based on the knowledge and know-hows acquired in the development of rinse materials for ArF dry/immersion lithography processes in the past decades, new material platforms have been developed to extend the technique to meet the ever critical requirements in the era of EUV lithography. We are committed to providing novel solutions to confront the increasing technical challenges in advanced patterning.

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#TheFutureTransformation by Kai Beckmann

Will computers eventually be smarter than humans?

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI) – in the media, at conferences and in product brochures. Yet the technology is still in its infancy. Applications that would have been dismissed as science fiction not long ago could become reality within a few years.

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How does innovation work?

The term “innovation” may well conceal the biggest black box in the business world. Every company wants to be innovative, but only a few manage to remain innovative for decades.

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Computers modeled on the human brain

Humans have always been inspired by nature when it comes to technological innovations – just think of the lotus effect or the streamlined shapes in modern design. Nature is now providing a model for the next generation of computers as well.

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Suddenly digital: Answers to the Covid-19 crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has compelled countries, the global economy and every single one of us to move our daily lives to the digital world. This is happening to an unprecedented extent and at extremely short notice.

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Smart cities: What will the city of the future be like?

More and more people are living in cities. In an effort to prevent rapidly growing urban areas from collapsing under their own weight, cities around the world are increasingly taking an intelligent approach to how they organize and plan their traffic, energy supply and administrative systems.

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Solutions instead of products #TheFutureTransformation by Kai Beckmann

Like other sectors, the chemical industry has to continually assess its business model and take the latest technical advances into account. At Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, our business extends well beyond the production of chemicals and our customers are increasingly seeking holistic solutions, not just products.

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It’s all a matter of the right material #TheFutureTransformation by Kai Beckmann

In the course of the digital transformation, materials for the electronics industry must meet increasingly higher expectations. New computer chips, touchscreens and VR glasses call for the development of entirely new materials. By acquiring Intermolecular, a leading specialist for material innovation, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, is now addressing this challenge in order to continue to advance the development of next-generation digital technologies.

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Miniaturization in 3D #TheFutureTransformation by Kai Beckmann

Megatrends such as Big Data, autonomous driving and Artificial Intelligence are pointing the way. An increasingly interconnected world needs more and more powerful microchips. At the same time, microchips have to cost less and consume less power. 3D NAND technology helps achieve these objectives by enabling further miniaturization. Our semiconductor materials are used here, making our company one of the drivers of the digital world.

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