What makes your smartphone smart?

Did you know ...

... that it’s high­ly li­kely that you co­me in­to con­tact with EMD Electronics every day? We point out what ma­te­ri­als from us are in­si­de your smart­pho­ne and how they en­han­ce its per­for­mance.

In smartphone production

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Smartphone Technology and the Future of Innovation - with Aldo Orsi & Mansour Moinpour

Learn about the dielectrics, metals, and other components from EMD Electronics that make your smartphone possible. Plus: the unique challenges of advancing technology on a microscopic level, the future of virtual and augmented reality, and what’s in store for autonomous vehicles.

Aldo Orsi

Head of Global Product Management, Semiconductor Solutions

Mansour Moinpour

Head of Technology Scouting, Semiconductor Solutions