Delivery Systems

Safe and reliable: Our Delivery Systems provide high purity gases at the highest level of functionality.

The GASGUARD® family of products

Gas Delivery Source Systems:

  • Gas Cabinets 
  • Bulk Spec Gas Systems 
  • Forming Gas Blenders 

Gas Delivery Distribution Systems: 

  • Valve Manifold Boxes (VMB) 

Gas Delivery Support Systems: 

  • Temperature Control 
  • HCl Purifiers 
  • HCl Quality Measurement (QMAC)  
  • Emergency Containment Vessels 
  • Global Communication System (GCS) 

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Chemical delivery systems

The CHEMGUARD® family of automated refill systems is based on a multi-generational history beginning with the first Schumacher semiconductor refill system in 1986. Years of experience goes into each design, ensuring delivery of ultra-high-purity (UHP) liquids in a safe and cost-effective manner. 

  • 100% Chemical Utilization with Patented Ultrasonic Empty Sensor Continuous output on dual tank liquid refill (DTLR /CG100) system for best uptime  
  • Lower cost single tank (STLR / CG110) models are also available if continuous output isn’t required (i.e., OEM/R&D)
  • Reduced footprint, stacked container placement for reduced exhaust requirements and cost of ownership over other systems 
  • Modular plumbing allows for many optional and ‘flexible’ configurations  
  • Automatic vacuum/pressure cycle purge & automatic leak-check cycle 
  • Large HVM-installed base leveraging years of experience in Semi Ultra-Pure liquids 
  • Industry third-party certified to S2, CE, and UL  
  • Multiple patents 

What does CHEMGUARD® Ready mean?

The CHEMGUARD® Ready Symbol highlights our robust, proven solution, that is HVM-ready for the noted precursor. 

By engaging with the molecule experts regularly in our ‘Wetted Surfaces Team,” our delivery systems ensure the equipment designs meet all criteria for chemistry including: 

  • Compatibility of materials and systems with rigorous safety design considerations 
  • Safer and stable molecule delivery—the molecule is delivered to the tool with the same purity as it was delivered to the CHEMGAURD system 
  • Meets industry standard safety requirements 
  • Optimized purge routines and ampoule change-outs 
  • Lower Cost of Ownership 
  • Proven, Built-In Reliability 

CMP slurry delivery systems

Our enhanced portfolio of Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) solutions provides an integrated solution to our customers in the integrated circuit segment. To complement our slurries, we also offer post-CMP cleaning products and our FlowMaster® CMP Slurry delivery system.

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