Container return

Container Closure and Packaging Instructions for Safe Return

To enable a safe container return to EMD Electronics, the container closure and packaging instructions below must be followed:

  1. Closure Instructions for Container Valves and Fittings - click here to open the document
  2. Container Return Packaging Instructions - click here to open the document

Customer Return Container Condition form

To complete Step 3 in our return & packaging instruction, please fill out the Customer Return Container Condition form directly online

Special Permits

When applicable special permits must be followed for customer returns.  Order confirmation, and packing lists will state when a special permit is applicable for particular shipments.  A copy of the special permit (SP) will be sent with the shipment.  Customers/shippers returning the container must follow the requirements of the SP which include, but may not be limited to:  maintain a copy of the SP on site, train its affected HAZMAT employee(s) on the requirements of the SP, mark outer packaging with Special Permit Number (such as “DOT-SP 16601”)  and send a copy of the SP with the shipment. 

Download Special Permit: