Photoresists for Back-End Applications

We offer a variety of Thick Film Resists from conventional DNQ & chemically amplified positive tone to photo polymerizing negative tone to make patterned conductive circuitry in semiconductor packages

Enable the manufacturing of TSV, RDL & bumping in advanced packaging

Thick Film Resists (TFR) for backend packaging conductive circuitry is typically made by a bottom-up metal plating process inside the same layer of a patterned TFR. 

Independently, resists for front-end processes are designed to develop circuitry patterns that are transferred to the substrate below through a patterned resist photolithography process. These advanced photoresist materials permit current manufacturing production equipment to produce next node products enabling your mobile lifestyle. See our front-end photoresist portfolio here.

What is a photoresist?

  • A liquid solution spun on a substrate or wafer
  • Acts like a photographic film. Photoresist is sensitive to and reacts chemically to light with various wavelengths 
  • Photoresist is resistant to wet metal plating solution or wet and dry etching      
  • Slightly alkaline aqueous solution developer creates a pattern

Basic components

  • Polymer (resistant to wet/dry etch)
  • Photosensitive Active Compound (PAC)
  • Photosensitive Acid Generator (PAG) or Photosensitive initiator (PI)
  • Casting solvent to make resist spun-on possible

You benefit from

  • TFR enables the manufacturing of patterned conductive circuitry (TSV, RDL and bumping)
  • Sustainability: First commercialization in the world and long business history with more than 30 years without issue
  • Leading position for TFR
  • Total solution for various applications: Fine pitch, ultra thick, high resolution, good chemical resistance, controllable profile including vertical
  • Cost savings: Low cost solution, high throughput, easy to strip, skip process step   
  • Very specialized for technical service: Our expertise solves your problem
  • Experience at high end devices like automotive: Qualified automotive standard

Our product range

  • 4000 Series
  • IPS Series
  • 3DT Series
  • P4000 Series
  • TF5000X Series
  • PLP Series
  • TPM 606
  • 10XT
  • 12XT
  • 40XT - 11D
  • 50XT
  • 15nXT
  • 125nXT Series
  • NX7020

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