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Thick Film Resists

We offer a variety of Thick Film Resists from conventional DNQ & chemically amplified positive tone to photo polymerizing negative tone to make patterned conductive circuitry in semiconductor packages

Enable the manufacturing of TSV, RDL & bumping in advanced packaging

TFR (Thick Film Resist) for backend packaging conductive circuitry is typically made by a bottom up metal plating process inside the same layer of a patterned TFR.  Independently, resists for frontend processes are designed to develop circuitry patterns that are transferred to the substrate below through a patterned resist photolithography process. These advanced photoresist materials permit current manufacturing production equipment to produce next node products enabling your mobile lifestyle. 

Our brands

AZ® products

AZ® products are high-purity advanced specialty chemicals for use in integrated circuits and devices and flat-panel displays


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