Spin-on Hardmask

Spin-on hard masks for advanced patterning technologies.

Thin film materials as hardmasks

We specialize in developing state-of-the-art thin film materials as hardmasks for semiconductor wafer patterning processes.

The materials offer...

  • superior properties
  • enriching planarization
  • gap filling and 
  • wet/dry etch selectivity for both BEOL and FEOL applications 

...in semiconductor device manufacturing.

Sacrificial materials to enhance patterning

  1. Spin-on hardmask materials are widely adopted as sacrificial layers to enable pattern transfer at high resolution and act as etch stopping layer or memory layer in multiple patterning technologies. Compared with typical CVD processes for thin film formation, spin-on materials offer superior gap-fill and planarization performance.
  2. Spin-on carbon materials provide high transparency for improved overlay control and high thermal stability for compatibility in various integration flows.
  3. Spin-on metal oxides are at a perfect balance with the benefits from both inorganic materials for superior etch resistance and organic materials for gap-fill properties. The materials can be removed by wet process. Flexible process conditions with thermal stability up to 400°C allow applications in a variety of integration schemes. The versatile etch properties, by selection of proper metal oxides, make the materials perfect candidates for applications in multiple patterning with multiple-color etch, such as self-aligned block.