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Semiconductor manufacturing emissions are rising due to demand and production processes. Climate neutrality by 2030 is a goal, but the means matter.

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We have a presence in 66 countries and over 100 years of invaluable experience in the electronic materials space delivering a broad portfolio of semiconductor and display materials for cutting-edge electronics.

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To learn why materials are a major contributor to GHG emissions from the semiconductor industry and why we need to speed up the process of qualifying new gases with lower GWP. 

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We are committed to ensuring sustainable supplies of our innovative products and are proud to be able to actively contribute to our customer’s success. By intensifying our R&D efforts to actively promote the PFAS-related substances replacement program. Our number one priority is still to ensure business continuity and we are passionate about continuously improving our products to ensure the highest performance and quality for our customers. In addition to the etchant gasses discussed in this paper, we are committed to finding alternatives to the harmful per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) used in electronics manufacturing.

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As a science and technology company, it`s our ambition to find answers to the sustainability challenges of our time. We are convinced that research and technological progress are the most effective means to overcome these challenges. With our innovative products we actively contribute to our customers’ success – today and in the future.


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