Future of Work

When it comes to how we work, questions like what, where, and how long are of particular importance.
In the future, these questions will only grow in relevance as topics like collaboration and self-management rise in popularity. Together with change management expert Andreas Steinle, we review current trends and explore those poised to define the future of how we work.

About Andreas Steinle

Andreas has a Master’s Degree in social and economic communication and is the CEO of The Future Institute Workshop GmbH in Frankfurt. A forward-looking communications consultant, Andreas speaks regularly at conferences, advising both national and international organizations on change management and innovation processes.

Kai Beckmann Member of the Executive Board & CEO Electronics

Collaboration is the future!

The pace at which new knowledge is generated nowadays makes it almost impossible to research and develop new product innovations singlehandedly. My vision for the future of science and technology will see autonomous, interconnected teams thrive in the face of ever-changing work environments.

Powered by a collective sense of curiosity, teams will collaborate to overcome challenges – replacing individuals as drivers of change and progress.

I can only imagine what exciting breakthroughs we’ll make together. Can you?

Kai Beckmann Member of the Executive Board & CEO Electronics

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