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Episode 34

Discovering drugs with AI-powered tools 💊

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  1. Dec 01
    Episode 34

    Discovering drugs with AI-powered tools 💊

    Future Talk Podcast: Is AI the future of drug discovery? Tune in to find out how it's transforming the pharma industry and improving care for patients across the globe…

  2. Oct 27
    Episode 33

    Putting Biologics on the Fast Lane

    Medicines derived from biological compounds are the fastest-growing class of drugs. We discuss how to accelerate the production of these biologics to a rapid pace. Tune in & enter the world of Bioprocessing 4.0 with Merrilee Whitney, Chris Hwang and Kelvin Lee.

  3. Aug 25
    Episode 32

    Feeding Artificial Intelligence 🥦

    Future Talk Podcast: What is Data-centric AI, and how does it differ from conventional AI? Tune in for the answers as we discover why AI is only ever as good as the data it’s fed…

  4. Jul 28
    Episode 31

    Small Question, Big Answer!

    In 1959, US physicist Richard Feynman asked, "Can't we make computers smaller?" In a word: Yes! Extreme Ultra Violet Lithography is set to revolutionize semiconductor development. Curious? Find out how…

  5. Jun 28
    Episode 30

    Microchips, Inspired by Nature!

    Can you imagine microchips that can assemble themselves at molecular level?! Tune in as our experts explore the many benefits of Directed Self-Assembly technology…

  6. May 31
    Episode 29

    TRANSVAC and the Future of Vaccines

    What do firefighters and vaccine development have in common? Find out as experts Anissa Boumlic and Stefan Jungbluth tell us about their mission to take vaccine manufacturing to the next level…

  7. Apr 26
    Episode 28

    Diversity + Thoughts = Research Success

    Whether cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural, cross-gender, or cross-whatever: collaborating beyond their own nose promises success to researchers 👭🏿🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏾👭 Collaboration experts Laura Matz & Dietmar Harhoff explore the benefits of teaming up across your own walks of life…

  8. Apr 06
    Episode 27

    Bioelectronics: The right impulses for patients

    Amazingly, Bioelectronics and our central nervous system both speak the same language 💬🧠. These tiny medical devices will allow a personalised and more holistic approach to treat patients. Experts Michael Lauk, Jörn-Peter Halle, and Robert Spoelgen explain how…

  9. Jan 24
    Episode 26

    Let's tokenize the World!

    In a tokenized world, every physical object can have a digital twin 🙂🤖. The Internet of Things is transforming the world we live in and there's an urgent need to ensure digital trust, and tokenize the world. Join our experts Thomas Endress & Andreas Kind as they explain the role blockchain technologies, smart contracts, and tokens will play.

  10. Dec 14
    Episode 25

    Rethinking Electronics with Organic Materials

    Clothing that adapts to the weather, biodegradable electronics made out of carrots… 🥕 💻 Experts Helen Tran and Na Li explore with us the world and groundbreaking possibilities of organic electronics. Join us as we rethink materials and take them to the next level.

  11. Nov 17
    Episode 24

    Forget-Me-Not: Remember Your Meds!

    Adherence monitoring ensures patients receive the right dose of medication at the right time💊. Join our experts as we explore how customized adherence solutions are supporting patients, and clinical trials…

  12. Oct 28
    Episode 23

    Preventing Disease with Metabolomics

    Metabolomics looks at how nutrition affects our bodies at molecular level 🧀 🍎. Join experts Shari Spector and Ameer Taha as we discover how specific dietary choices can help treat or even prevent diseases…

  13. Sep 15
    Episode 22

    Building Molecules with AI

    Dead ends are all too common in new drug development. The AI-powered chemical synthesis software Synthia™ can limit failure rates by helping navigate the labyrinth of molecules. Tune in as our experts Sarah Trice and Prof. Timothy Cernak discuss the future of Retrosynthesis.

  14. Aug 17
    Episode 21

    Embracing Carers

    Caregivers can often lose sight of their own health and wellbeing. So, who cares for carers? Tune in as our experts Elizabeth Foland and Stecy Yghemonos discuss how governments, industry, and society can lend a hand…

  15. Jul 13
    Episode 20

    Organ-on-a-Chip: The Future of Drug Development

    Safe drug development, free of animal testing? Our experts Dr. Michael Schmitt & Dr. Philip Hewitt join Prof. Christopher Goldring from the University of Liverpool to explore how organ-on-a-chip models could offer a sustainable alternative…

  16. Jun 04
    Episode 19

    Fast, Reliable Internet for All!

    Cost and energy efficient: licriOn™ enabled Smart Antenna technology is revolutionizing connectivity – bringing the web to those living in remote areas. Tune in as engineers Carsten Fritzsch and Rolf Jakoby discuss its potential…

  17. May 11
    Episode 18

    Making Packaging Sustainable

    Improving the sustainability of packaging starts as early as product development. Tune in as sustainable business experts Fabien Thibault and Alan Phipps discuss the environmental benefits of our SMASH Packaging program…

  18. Mar 10
    Episode 17

    Making Business Sustainable

    Balancing social, economic, and environmental interests. Listen in as sustainability experts Maria Schaad and Marcel Engel discuss the benefits of sustainable business practices. Access our article on Sustainable Business Value.

  19. Feb 04
    Episode 16

    Burgers from the Bioreactor?

    Cultured meat could be a step towards a more sustainable future. Tune in as our experts Dario Kolenko and Dr. Simon Kahan explore how virtual experimentation could accelerate this exciting field…

  20. Nov 11
    Episode 15

    3D Printed Pills: Faster, Cheaper, Simpler!

    Printing pills with a 3D printer? Tune in as our experts Dr. Christoph Hüls and Martin Bullemer explore how we're transforming the future of drug development…

  21. Sep 09
    Episode 14

    Striking a Balance

    Does balancing market and social value lead to innovation? Allan Gabor, our President in China, and innovation expert Dr. Jin Chen from the Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management discuss…

  22. Aug 13
    Episode 13

    Science for All!

    Making science more accessible? Our Head of Group Corporate Sustainability Dr. Herwig Buchholz and Founding Director of BIOTOPIA Natural History Museum Dr. Michael John Gorman discuss…

  23. Jun 10
    Episode 12

    Embracing Aging Workforces

    Coming of Age: Inés explores the surprising benefits of older workforces with Paul Irving, Chairman at the Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging, and our Chief Human Resources Officer, Dietmar Eidens.

  24. Mar 06
    Episode 11

    Semiconductors: A Quiet Revolution

    Inés meets nanotechnologist Dr. Suman Datta and chemist Dr. Ralph Dammel to discuss how semiconductors are driving positive change in many different aspects of our lives.

  25. Feb 06
    Episode 10

    Fighting Pandemics with Antibodies

    Inés meets infectious diseases physician Dr. James Crowe and Dr. Andreas Menrad to explore how technology is driving an exciting new era in pandemic preparedness.

  26. Jul 10
    Episode 9

    Unravelling Cells with Proteomics

    Join Inés as she talks to Yifat Merbl of the Weizmann Institute and our colleague Klaus Urbahns about new opportunities offered by proteomics.

  27. Apr 10
    Episode 8

    CRISPR: Inspired by Science and Technology

    Join Inés as she talks to Dr. Pardis Sabeti of the FAS Center for Systems Biology at Harvard University and Dr. Greg Davis about how gene-editing technologies like CRISPR are shaping the future of precision medicine.

  28. Feb 07
    Episode 7

    Digging into Big Data

    The new oil… or just snake oil? Inés talks with our former CEO Stefan Oschmann and Big Data expert Andreas Weigend about how Big Data is influencing the future of science and technology.

  29. Dec 06
    Episode 6

    Appetite for Ideas

    Inés has lunch with our Electronics CEO Kai Beckmann and Futurist Andreas Steinle to discuss why company canteens are the new hotbeds for collaboration.

  30. Sep 05
    Episode 5

    New Thinking

    In this episode of Future Talk, Inés speaks to leading curiosity researchers Carl Naughton and Todd Kashdan about how a wandering mind is the key to new thinking.

  31. Aug 22
    Episode 4

    Life Longevity

    In this episode of Future Talk, Inés explores the psychological impact of longer life expectancies with scientist and researcher Dr. Todd Kashdan.

  32. Aug 07
    Episode 3

    Collaborative (Ex)Change

    In this episode of Future Talk, Inés speaks to management consultant Dr. Edward Tse about how overcoming cultural differences can result in more effective global collaborations.

  33. Jul 22
    Episode 2

    The power of social innovation

    In this episode of Future Talk, host Inés Dawson speaks to Andreas Steinle and Dr. Sophie von Stumm about changing perspectives and how innovation begins with humans.

  34. Jul 21
    Episode 1

    To know or not to know?

    Dr. Sophie von Stumm talks to host Inés Dawson about the future challenges facing science and technology, and the role ignorance can play in bringing both closer together.