Broad Minds

Foster creativity and curiosity

By making education on all levels and culture accessible, we nurture characteristics that are essential to us as a high-tech company, namely creativity, enthusiasm for new discoveries and curiosity:

We inspire a love of science in the next generation of researchers with a special focus on science education.

  • Junior laboratories with the Technical University (TU) of Darmstadt
  • School booster program in Germany helped ~70 schools conducting experiment-based science
  • Curiosity Cube tour within SPARK program travelled 30,000 kilometers in North America
conducted research

In 2018 approximately 3,500 students conducted research in the TU Darmstadt laboratories

66,000 students

In 2018 more than 66,000 students engaged by SPARK Global Volunteer Program

Future Insight Prize

1 million € annually will bided over the next 35 years for the new research award Future Insight Prize


We have more than 10 professors teaching on an voluntary basis. In addition we are sponsoring several university professorships.


31,000 people attending concerts from our musical ambassador Deutsche Philharmony from Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany in 2018


Literature can stimulate imagination and give courage: We further writers who drive cultural exchange in our globalized world

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