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The artist

We’re supposed to be at different ends of the spectrum – art and science. I think we’re completely connected.

Mira Calix

Mira Calix is an award-winning artist and composer based in the United Kingdom. Focusing on the interplay between music and sound, Mira regularly experiments with visual media and technical innovations to create engaging, cross-disciplinary installations.


Download Ode (17 MB)

Behind the scenes

Can we collaborate with the humans of tomorrow to create a unique musical piece? Six expectant mothers, a sonographer, a data-sonification specialist, and a musical composer set off on a curious journey to find out…

Our collaborators

Working closely with their mums, the babies (fetuses aged 15-to-33 weeks) left their own personal impression on the ode.

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Translating movement

Every movement, whether it was the head, arms, legs, or the whole body, was translated into sound.

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The sound of data

How do the movements of future humans sound when they’re performed with classical instruments?

The composition

Musically interpreting the individual tones of each baby, Mira Calix gives life to our Ode to the Future.

Making waves

Percussionists create ripples on the surface of a unique art installation - making the music, and the movements of the babies, visible.

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