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117280 Ronastar® Blue Lights


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Ronastar® Blue Lights
Release a river of stars with Ronastar® Blue Lights, our new interference pigment that recalls the interstellar blue of our galaxy’s edge


Release a river of stars with Ronastar® Blue Lights, our new interference pigment that recalls the interstellar blue of our galaxy’s edge

Ronastar® Blue Lights Interference Effects
Learn how to create essential pastel and shades of pink with our unique interference blue pigment!


  • Blue shimmering white powder
  • Living sparkle effect even in very low concentrations
  • Larger sparkle on a small particle scale, ideal formodifying any shade
  • New synergistic sparkle effects possible by blendingwith larger glitter particles
  • High stability in formulations
  • Smooth skin feeling 

Let us guide you through a myriad of solutions from shifting blue hues, color modification, holographic, synergistic, metallic and living sparkle effects! Ronastar® Blue Lights brings skin to life with sparkles that leap out as they catch the light. Tiny bolts of cosmic blue lightning are activated to set color, personal and skin care products in motion. The secret lies behind our ingenious technology, enabling a larger sparkle on a small particle scale resulting in a supple feel to the skin. Hence, the shimmering interference pigment enchants even in very low concentrations.

Enchant your customer with veils of shifting blue sparkle. In clear textures, Ronastar® Blue Lights suffuses each ounce with hovering marbles of indigo sparkle. Accompanied by its low heavy metal content, this luminous shade creates a zero-gravity experience and visual depth. Additionally, add a dash of the glistening white powder to care products to accentuate “active” concept claims. Create multiple shades for color cosmetics or add the pigment for sparkling “on top” effects. From scintillating elegance to almost bold theatrical statements, the possibilities are endless! For in depth insights and formulation examples, see below.

Ronastar® Blue Lights is part of our Lights Series portfolio that offers a selection of sublime light-catching effects. Defying the laws of physics, these gems conjure up a larger sparkle on a smaller particle scale. The advanced design of metal oxide layers results in a perfectly directed reflection of light due to the reduction of scatter. Take your pick from an exquisite palette of high-performance mass tone and interference effects. For more tips and tricks on formulating enchanting products with our Lights Series effects, take a look at our complete Ronastar® Lights portfolio!

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Composition of Ronastar® Blue Lights

Natural Mica Synthetic Mica Ca-Al Borosilicate Al2O3 BiOCl SiO2 Iron Oxides TiO2 SiO2 SnO2 Other
      x       x x x  

Composition of Color Effect Pigments

The composition of a pigment is split between substrates and coatings.

The substrates for a pigment are the following:

  • Natural Mica
  • Synthetic Mica
  • Ca-Al Borosilicate
  • Al2O3
  • BiOCl
  • SiO2

The coatings for a pigment are the following:

  • Iron Oxides
  • TiO2
  • SiO2
  • SnO2
  • Other e.g. Carmine, Ferric Ferrocyanide...


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1172801000 Plastic bottle 1 kg
1172809020 Fibre carton 20 kg

Product Information

Handling & Storage Information

Storage Temperature NoTempLimit
Storage class 10 - 13 Other liquids and solids
WGK NWG not water endangering

Physicochemical Information

pH value substance/mixture is non-soluble (in water)
Flash point ;;;;;;Not applicable

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