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117387 Xirona® Le Coeur


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Xirona® Le Coeur

Discover a bright and clear brilliant deep red metallic pearl pigment.


Experience our Xirona® color travel pigments, a metamorphic palette of ever- changing colors! Inspired by nature's wonderful designs, we mimic the multichromatic surface of floating bubbles, the interlacing shimmer of seashells and enchanting moon stones.

Discover Xirona® Le Coeur

Xirona® Le Coeur is a body-colored pigment with a deep red nuance. Its rich shade of crimson changes to orange-red depending on the viewing angle. The composition consists of silica flakes veiled in layers of silicon dioxide, tin and iron oxide. The pigment’s particle size distribution from 5 to 50 μm creates tempting garnet shaded shimmer.

Xirona® Le Coeur is a truly unique, highly stable, and brilliant shade of red that does not fade. The deep color is perfectly compatible with all types of formulations, whether they are water, oil or solvent based. Additionally, this effect can improve application and spreading behavior with its homogenous, smooth and platy structure, especially nice for lipstick applications.

With no regulatory or application area limits, the sky is truly the limit for formulators with Xirona® Le Coeur. The ability to use this carmine-free cold-red color opens the possibility for vegan red formulations. Highly sought after pink blends can be created with various white and silver-white pigments to achieve pastel pink, rose and violet colors. The strong tinting strength of Le Coeur could render even a highly opaque system a delightful soft pink.


  • Outstanding color travel effects for trendsetting cosmetic formulations
  • High pigment stability
  • Endless styling flexibility for eye-catching shades with up to 4 shades in one product
  • Metallic shine with irresistible multi-color or sparkle effects
  • Ideal for creating holographic appearances and prismatic color depth
  • #instagrammable effects to elevate your products on social media 

Composition of Xirona® Le Coeur

Natural Mica Synthetic Mica Ca-Al Borosilicate Al2O3 BiOCl SiO2 Iron Oxides TiO2 SiO2 SnO2 Other
          x x        

Composition of Color Effect Pigments

The composition of a pigment is split between substrates and coatings.

The substrates for a pigment are the following:

  • Natural Mica
  • Synthetic Mica
  • Ca-Al Borosilicate
  • Al2O3
  • BiOCl
  • SiO2

The coatings for a pigment are the following:

  • Iron Oxides
  • TiO2
  • SiO2
  • SnO2
  • Other e.g. Carmine, Ferric Ferrocyanide...


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