117401 Ronastar® Quantum Gold


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Close your eyes. Picture yourself on the top of a mountain, watching the sun kissing the snow and setting it ablaze with the most beautiful golden twinkles. Can you see it? Can you feel it? Do you want it?

We have added to our pigment portfolio, a new addition that will set fire to your next makeup product. Discover Ronastar® Quantum Gold and fall in love with the dramatic sparkle it offers.

Sun-kiss snow merging with skin

Shimmer and glimmer beyond surface appearance

Ronastar® Quantum Gold reminds you of a twilight world of snowy landscapes, evening skies and sunsets that twinkle in a graceful glow, delivering a golden touch of frost. Offering an unexpected luxury that shimmers with intensity, Ronastar® Quantum Gold will provide hints of hidden warmth that releases golden energy in your future makeup products.

What makes Ronastar® Quantum Gold so special?

The supreme benefit of Ronastar® Quantum Gold is the metallic effect provided without metal. How, you wonder? In this beautiful golden interference pigment lies a hint of silver. Looking for a long-lasting effect delivering the most stunning multidimensional sheen? The answer is right here. Ronastar® Quantum Gold is the master at adding or magnifying warm reflections.

Advantages at a glance

  • Shimmer and glimmer beyond surface appearance
  • Adds and emphasizes lustre and sheen
  • Realistic metallic effect w/o metal
  • Dramatic sparkling effect that is more noticeable than pigments with the equivalent particle size
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Easy to formulate in powder and oil/wax based formulations



Revolutionize performance…

Our new cosmetic pigment has been brought to you by the one and only, Smart Effects program through its pillar of “Revolutionize Performance”. The goal was to deliver a realistic and revealing metallic look that provides a dramatic but natural effect. This innovative pigment has been optimized for hydrophobic applications to deliver mesmerizing personal care products as well as cosmetic makeup products.

Package Size

Product Number



1174011000 Plastic bottle 1 kg
1174019020 Fibre carton 20 kg

Product Information

GHS Labeling (according to EU REGULATION (EC) No 1272/2008 (CLP))

Precautionary Statement P260: Do not breathe dust.

Handling & Storage Information

Storage Temperature Storage temperature: no restrictions.
Storage class 10 - 13 Other liquids and solids
WGK WGK 3 highly hazardous to water

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About product information

All products shown on this website are based on the EU portfolio pursuant to applicable EU regulations. For additional information please check the Safety Data Sheet or contact our sales or customer service representative in the country.


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