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Candeia tree oil - (-) alpha-Bisabolol Natural (-) alpha-bisabolol is the principle active obtained from the candeia tree oil.  Our RonaCare® Bisabolol – a natural acometic active ingredient approved by COSMOS originates from the Brazilian tree Vanillosmopsis, also known as the Candeia Tree.  

The production of RonaCare® Bisabolol represents a conscious exploitation of Candeia tree wood under consideration of Brazilian laws aiming for the preservation of these Candeia trees for the future. Indeed, it respects the environment and the surrounding communities by means of prevention and treatment of its liquid effluents, sold waste and air emissions and also its rational use of natural resources.

Advantages at a glance - Ronacare® Bisabolol

  • Powerful natural skin soothing 
  • Minimizes UV induced skin redness 
  • Care for dry and sensible skin
  • Skin protection against external aggressions 
  • Counteracts premature aging 
  • Suitable natural active ingredient for dermocosmetics