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130200 RonaCare® Ectoin


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made to empower

What if you could stop the time? What if the aging-process was on hold? What if UV radiation was only a bad memory and the dryness of your skin only a small recall? What if your skin could be as strong and beautiful from the inside as in the outside? Nature is full of resources when it comes to fighters. RonaCare® Ectoin is a powerful natural active ingredient for Cosmetics, developed for a perfect anti-aging solution. But not only…  

nature's secret for skin protection

The natural compatible solute Ectoin is a neutral non-ionic, strong water-binding, organic molecule of low molecular weight occurring in halophilic bacteria [Galinski E.A., 1993; Galinski et al. 1985]. In its natural habitat, this microorganism grows under extreme conditions such as intensive sun irradiation, high temperatures and extreme dryness and protects itself against these stresses by synthesising Ectoin – a natural protective process to adopt and to survive! RonaCare® Ectoin is the cosmetic solution offering these powerful abilities to maintain a beautiful skin.

By its origin, RonaCare® Ectoin offers various tools to fight against various external stressors on many fronts. RonaCare® Ectoin pushes back any kind of light induced skin damage. Moreover, its benefits declare RonaCare® Ectoin as a multitasker offering a wide variety of properties to minimize unattractive skin changes. Indeed, RonaCare® Ectoin is also strong ally for urban protection thanks to its power of detoxing the skin from daily stress. On the other hand, this strong skin care active speeds up the defense system of the skin to have a great anti-aging effect by reducing wrinkles and smoothing the skin. Moreover, it provides a hydration shell to provide skin dryness and encase moisture.

It does seem too good to be true, doesn’t it? A natural active ingredient, capable of fighting oxidative stress and their harmful consequences on skin? Capable of supporting the balance and maintenance of the skin barrier? Talented of being a strong anti-ager by reducing wrinkles and smoothing the skin? -Yes – the natural solution to provide positive impact already on skin cell levels – “the cell protection factor” as it protects important proteins within cells like e.g. mitochondrial DNA. We have done many in vitro, and in vivo studies to bring the proofs that you need to offer to your customers – RonaCare® Ectoin – an outstanding skin care active ingredient!


With only 0.5% of RonaCare® Ectoin, the Langerhans cells are maintained active under harsh UV stress.

In addition, this easy to formulate ingredient works in nearly each and every formulation – a wide variety for options in cosmetics and dermocosmetics, especially for sensitive and demanding skin. RonaCare® Ectoin is COSMOS and EcoCert approved. Furthermore it is NaTrue certified (Certificate No. SGS 19-0137-01) and listed on NaTrue website. It is produced based on a GMO-free biotechnological process representing a natural quality. 

Advantages at a glance

  • Anti-aging power thanks to its wrinkle reduction activity and skin smoothing property
  • Wellbeing aspects on skin – in vivo study delivers convincing facts
  • Moisture boost and protection with long-term effect by a water reservoir action
  • Immune system protection under UVA/UV, IR-A and visible light protection
  • Enriches sun protection
  • Minimizes oxidative stress due to blue light impact 
  • Carbonylated protein formation is reduced under Blue light and UVA stress resulting in improved skin evenness


RonaCare® Ectoin - since 2 decades EMD Cosmetics invests its expertise to discover the benefits of this natural ingredient and its outstanding power to maintain skin beauty. Please find below all our publications about our RonaCare® Ectoin.

  • Download | A global approach to circumvent harmful effects of blue light and IR-A irradiations on the skin
  • Download | Complete Photo Protection - Going Beyond Visible Endpoints 
  • Download | Reduction of protein carbonylation in human skin using Ectoine
  • Download | Elucidation of the Anti-Aging Effects of Ectoine Using cDNA Microarray Analysis and Signaling Pathway Evaluation
  • Download | Ectoin: An Effective Natural Substance to Prevent UVA-Induced Premature Photoaging
  • Download | “Ectoine”; A new candidate for skin whitening: Inhibitory effects on the incorporation of melanosomes into keratinocytes and the proliferation of melanocytes after UVB irradiation
  • Download | In vivo Assessment of Ectoin: A Randomized, Vehicle-Controlled Clinical Trial 
  • Download | The multifunctional role of ectoine as a natural cell protectant 
  • Download | The Protective Function of Compatible Solute Ectoin on the Skin, Skin Cells and its Biomolecules with Respect to UV-Radiation, Immunosupression and Membrane Damage




Package Size

Product Number



1302000100 Plastic bottle 100 g
1302001001 Plastic bottle 1 kg
1302005001 Plastic drum 5 kg

Product Information

Product Summary

CAS number 96702-03-3
Hill Formula C₆H₁₀N₂O₂
Molar mass 142.16 g/mol

Handling & Storage Information

Storage Temperature Store at +15°C to +25°C.
Storage class 10 - 13 Other liquids and solids
WGK WGK 1 slightly hazardous to water

Physicochemical Information

Density 1.568 g/cm3 (20 °C)
Vapor pressure 0.0003 - 0.0008 hPa (25 °C)
Flash point ;;;;;;Not applicable