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Looking good is never easy if you’re not feeling good – inside and out. One of the most important indications on the outside of how you’re feeling on the inside comes from the skin. However, sensitive or highly reactive skin conditions – typically the result of physical, chemical, psychological, or hormonal influences – can affect up to 40% of the world’s population.

RonaCare® Balmance is a natural ingredient to quickly restore harmony to the skin, providing relief in the short term, peace of mind in the long term, and that you look as good as you feel.


RonaCare® Balmance acts as skin comfort stabilizer for sensitive and problematic skin. It restores skin harmony by: • Reducing susceptibility to skin redness, skin roughness, and itching, also in case of stress • Providing a soothing sensation

Our source of inspiration for RonaCare® Balmance is the cornflower (Centaurea cyanus). To deliver the full spectrum of a powerful natural solution, a unique production method was used, based on a complex, multi-stage extraction process, and under sustainable considerations. The extracted ingredient that makes the key difference for skin balance is feruloyl-serotonin, sometimes also called moschamine.

Advantages at a glance - RonaCare® Balmance

  • Natural origin (conforms to COSMOS and NATRUE)
  • Skin comfort stabilizer
  • Fast skin relief
  • Helps provide feel-good skin conditions
  • Minimizes risk of chronic imbalance
  • Balances skin defense 
  • For sensitive and problematic skin


Maltodextrin, Centaurea Cyanus Flower Extract

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