158230 Xirallic® NXT T260-23 SW Tigris Blue


Irresistable force

Its aura continually captures the center of attention. The extraordinary presence of inner strength, daring superiority, living sparkle and exceptional power merge into an esthetic from which one can never get enough.

Harmonious contrast

Xirallic® NXT Tigris Blue adds very exciting facets – impressive depth and high brilliance – to the color blue’s character. These facets express themselves in fascinating color compositions with a unique look that magically attracts both rays of light and admiring glances. With its unique pigmentation, the new neutral blue lends under any light conditions a harmonious color play to elegant black stylings as well as deep blue stylings. Black and blue have come so close together never before and led the eye on a never-ending journey.


Xirallic® NXT T260-23 SW Tigris Blue can be used in all customary outdoor and indoor applications for lacquers or other application fields for effect pigments. We hold extensive patent protection for all Xirallic® pigments which covers both the classic Xirallic® pigments and the new Xirallic® NXT generation and applies to single-pigment applications as well as to mixtures with various other effect or color pigments.


Product Range

Product Number



1582301000 Plastic bottle 1 kg
1582309020 Fibre carton 20 kg

Product Information


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