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158266 Xirallic® NXT M260-70 SW Amur Black


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NEW Xirallic® NXT Amur Black - Intense Darkness
Discover our new Xirallic® NXT! Bluish black with a metallic shade and strong hiding power. Balanced 3-coat black stylings possible.

What lies behind the new Xirallic® NXT Amur Black? Is it really silver that shimmers so fascinatingly? Where does this magical sparkle and shine come from? Xirallic® NXT Amur Black is a blue-black effect pigment with a silky-silvery fine texture and a wealth of “Living Sparkle®.”

Just as moonlight is reflected by the ocean’s waves and bathes everything in a silvery light, Xirallic® NXT Amur Black lends a lively metallic sheen to all kinds of surfaces, which don’t become fragmented by sharply contoured edges of light as they would with metal pigments. In brilliant light, the hue seems to consist of millions of sparkling dots and to blur the boundaries between solid and liquid. It is the complex and novel combination of the black shimmer of the surface, the endless motion of the Living Sparkle®, the chromatically stable depth of color, the harmonious transitions and the highly reflective gleam that makes this pigment ideal for dark hues, giving them an enviable elegance and lightness.

Xirallic® NXT M260-70 SW Amur Black can be used in most customary outdoor and indoor applications for lacquers or other application fields for effect pigments. We hold extensive patent protection for all Xirallic® pigments which covers both the classic Xirallic® pigments and the new Xirallic® NXT generation and applies to single-pigment applications as well as to mixtures with various other effect or color pigments.


Package Size

Product Number



1582660150 Plastic bottle 150 g
1582661000 Plastic bottle 1 kg
1582669020 Fibre carton 20 kg

Product Information

Handling & Storage Information

Storage Temperature NoTempLimit
Storage class 10 - 13 Other liquids and solids
WGK WGK 1 slightly hazardous to water

Physicochemical Information

Density 4.3 g/cm3
pH value substance/mixture is non-soluble (in water)
Flash point ;;;;;;Not applicable

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