Transform your clinical trials supply from complex to easy

Accelerate tablet formulation development and production for clinical trials. The power of GMP-compliant 3D printing might significantly reduce costs.

A flexible one-stop shop that speeds up your clinical trial supply

While pharma companies strive to get their products to market as fast as possible, the challenges posed by the production of tablets for clinical trials often seem to delay the process.

We are harnessing the power of 3D printing by setting-up OneZeroMed™ tablet formulation and production services for clinical trial supply. We are developing a GMP-compliant solution that can help you save precious time and money on clinical trial supply in the future.

From formulation services to clinical trial supply, OneZeroMed™ additive manufacturing of tablets shall provide a "one-stop shop" that can enable you to streamline clinical trial production and bring new solid dosage medicine to market much faster while letting you focus on what matters most – the patient. No matter if you are a startup or an established player in the pharma industry, we are working to offer a fully flexible service to meet all your needs.

What can you gain through GMP-compliant 3D printing?

  • 60%

    potential reduction in time by streamlining clinical trial supply*

  • 50%

    potential API savings from using 3D printing*

  • 70%

    cost savings potential in clinical trial supply processes for tablet production*

*The potential saving calculation is based on limited data and will vary strongly depending on dosage and size of the tablet as well as badge size.

Additional benefits of additive manufacturing of tablets

  • Highly flexible on-demand production of tablets compared to traditional tablet pressing
  • Enhanced tablet characteristics, such as their dissolution profile
  • Production of several dosages in one batch possible
  • Own formulation development expertise and quality

Our GMP-complaint 3D printing technology is expected to enable pharma companies to streamline tablet supply for clinical trials in the future

Standing at the pinnacle of innovation help you throughout the clinical trial supply

Our Innovation Center stands at the heart of the technological innovation that we will be bringing to market. Backed by more than 350 years of expertise, our products and services are designed to deliver high quality, efficacy and efficiency. As a renowned player in the pharma industry, we benefit from an extensive array of formulation competencies, API development know-how, and excipients expertise that are now being infused into OneZeroMed™ 3D printing of tablets. From formulation to GMP-compliant tablet production, our made-in-Germany services will be designed to be "client-first". We will be tailoring our offerings to your needs, always agile and adaptive to the market, regardless of company size.

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Getting there in no time

Bringing new medicines to market has always been a tough challenge for pharma companies because of the complex processes behind it. Vast amounts of API are needed to formulate and reformulate clinical trial materials for Phase I and Phase II while the quantities of tablets required are quite small by comparison. On top of all that, reformulation between clinical phases is quite a time-consuming process. Well, not anymore in the future!

Enabling fast scale-up: a digital pil concept

OneZeroMed™ additive manufacturing technology is promising to revolutionize clinical trial tablet production. The state-of-the-art concept of a digital pill might be brought to life through 3D printing, which potentially allows for easy scalability according to the needs of each clinical trial phase.

A laser that melts through time

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Christoph Huels

Founder OneZeroMed™ 3D printing of tablets

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Co-Founder OneZeroMed™ 3D printing of tablets