Innovators' Club review: How can future work environment perfect our results?


The latest Innovators' Club, hosted on August 29th at our Innovation Center, was informing the numerous curious guests about a future new work order.

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24 SEP 2018

The latest Innovators' Club, hosted on August 29th at our Innovation Center, was informing the numerous curious guests about a future new work order. As a special benefit for our interested Innovators, we hosted Birgit Gebhardt as our speaker for this special event. She is a renowned expert in extrapolating current trends into plausible visions of the future. Since her book "2037 – our daily life in the future" was published in 2012, she has been exploring a new model of the connected economy, and she now advises interdisciplinary customers about their route towards a "new work order".

During the inspiring event she provided our attendees with fascinating insights into how innovative ways of working impact the ability and willingness of employees to learn, and how innovation, agility and creativity at work can enhance motivation.

In her diversified talk she focused on how innovative, modern buildings can help improve the way we work. We are currently in a structural change from industrialization to a networking-based working concept, which is driven by the three main factors. First, by setting up open buildings, we can enhance communication between employees and hence create a community feeling. This way, exchange between diversified people can be embraced, leading to more curiosity and an enhanced learning process. As a second driver, besides the advantages of a community in offices, individual needs come to the fore. AI enables smart people assistants which respond to individual needs and cognitive requirements and combine private and professional interests. Furthermore, these machine-learning systems fulfill processes in customer and goods management. Therefore, people are left with social, complex and creative tasks and can spend more time fulfilling their curiosity. The third driver is collaboration. Working more closely between diversified teams and throughout different levels of hierarchy will define the future culture and success of a company.

In a vivid way and with many examples from practice, Birgit Gebhardt designed a varied and interesting evening for our Innovators and gave the curious guests the opportunity to express their interest and enthusiasm in a subsequent question and answer session about this topic.

If we have aroused your interest and you weren't able to attend on the day, watch the video and get inspired. Stay tuned for our upcoming Innovators' Club on November 01.

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