iXensor’s #Bigbangmoment: partnering with us to make health checks more accessible

Publish Date

22 AUG 2019


The collaboration between the health tech startup iXensor and our CURAFA™ team initiated through our Accelerator, turned out to be a perfect match. Through this partnership, the startup conducted a successful pilot test of their portable healthcare devices within CURAFA™ facilities in Kenya.

iXensor took part in our 2019 Accelerator program at our Innovation Center in our headquarters in Darmstadt, during which the health tech startup was connected with the our team. This collaboration led to the successful pilot study of one of iXensor’s portable devices. The study involved the PixoTest POCT System, which enables the delivery of instant clinical tests for people with diabetes (HbA1c) and cardiovascular diseases (lipid panel) within a single instrument. This helps to support the management of people with these common diseases by enabling on-the-spot advice for effective behavioral change. The pilot has now finished, with users and pharmacies giving a very good response to the operation of the device and tests.

Thanks to this collaboration, the health tech startup could find a partner and contribute to the objective of our CURAFA™ points of care initiative, that aims to improve access to primary healthcare services for underserved communities in emerging economies.

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