Let´s change the way we take our medication - forever

Publish Date

15 MAY 2019


Accelerator Startup Mevia invents device to revolutionize our drug intake

To ensure the right intake of medication, our Accelerator participant Mevia seeks to support patients by providing reusable pill dispensers with a conducting circuit that breaks when a pill is opened. Mevia also provides a cellular-enabled device, called Mevia Go, that attaches to a patient's pill package and sends real-time data to the Mevia platform for analysis and export. This innovative concept will change the way we take our medication and cut costs for hospitalization, one of the most common consequences of the improper intake of drugs. We are very proud to have Mevias CEO Jesper Hassel and his team as part of our Accelerator program.

Mevia - Accelerator startup of Merck KGaA Darmstadt, Germany