How we’re tracking medical donations across the world

How end-to-end tracking of donation medicines can improve the impact of the available medication and accelerate the way forward towards the elimination of NTDs.

About the talk

What if you could track donations of medicines that help treat over one billion of the world's poorest people against neglected tropical diseases, the same way you track the package you order on Amazon? Working with supply chain experts from around the world, biochemist Christian Schröter developed a method for tracking medical donations from the warehouse to places like the back country of Mozambique - all using something as simple as a cellphone.

About the speaker

Christian Schröter · Business integrator

Christian Schröter is a biochemist at our company working as Head of Pharma Business Integration in Darmstadt, Germany. He enjoys working in an international environment providing medication to patients in need to improve their lives. Four years ago, he got involved in the Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany/WHO donation program to treat children in Africa against Schistosomiasis. He is passionate about providing treatments against neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) to the poorest members of the world community. Working together with other partners from industry, public organisations and NGOs he appreciates what can be achieved through a close collaboration not typical between competing commercial organisations. Eliminating one or more of these debilitating diseases from this planet would be wonderful and he would like to make his contribution here.