How fiction can help us better understand our reality

How creative writing can help us explore reality in a different way, changing how we work and negotiate.

About the talk

When you work for a corporation, confronted with negotiations and deals, what can fiction teach you? Christian Wickert believes writing fiction can sharpen your perceptions, help you understand others' motivations and ultimately make you better at your job. In this fascinating talk, he explains three ways creative writing improved his business skills and positively impacted his career.

About the speaker

Christian Wickert · Policy strategist

An engineer, MBA and expert in strategic planning, Christian Wickert started his career as a software programmer in a garage in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He then worked in a range of industries, from treasury risk management (experiencing the financial crisis of the 1990s) to strategy consulting, from telecommunications (exploring broadband and mobile
markets and developing solutions for low-income and rural populations) to an NGO active in digital education where he served as Vice President. He then focused on regulation, negotiating with governments and ministries, which led to him joining Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, in 2015, where he works in Government Affairs and Policy, based in Washington, DC.