Cultured Meat

Cell-cultured meat and seafood could provide a healthier, more ethical and sustainable alternative to conventional animal protein. As technology enabler, we aim to accelerate the emerging field of cultured meat

Accelerating an emerging industry

As the world population soars, so is the demand for animal protein. But as climate change threatens to reduce the amount of land and water available for farming, we need to get smarter about how we produce food. Cultured meat, also referred to as clean, cultivated or cell-based meat, could be the answer. By producing meat and seafood in a bioreactor instead of a farm, consumers could choose an alternative to conventional meat that has the potential to be healthier, ethical and better for our planet:

Supports better health

  • No antibiotics use
  • Free of pathogens and parasites
  • Allows usage of healthy additives, such as vitamins

Ethically produced

  • No need for animal slaughter

Environmentally friendly

  • Less greenhouse emissions
  • Less land and water usage

Meeting critical technology challenges

Many startups are already working  towards making commercialization of cultured meat a reality. However, the field is still in its nascency and scaling up the production process and reducing cost remain as key challenges. As a leading supplier to the biopharma industry and through our expertise in areas such as cell culture media and bioprocessing technologies, we aim to accelerate the emerging industry of cell-based meat and become a technology enabler, from R&D to the efficient scale-up of  production.

By partnering with companies who are looking to commercialize cultured meat, we aim to offer our knowledge and manufacturing expertise to help propel them to overcome critical technological challenges.

Examples of these technology challenges include:  

  • Formulations for cost-effective cell culture media that is free of any animal-derived material (such as fetal bovine serum) Learn more about how we are tackling this challenge here.
  • Bioreactors, bioprocess design and automation platforms that enable growth and differentiation of multiple cell types simultaneously
  • Biodegradable or edible scalable scaffolds to support cell adherence, vascularization and media perfusion

While working on technological solutions, we recognize that cultured meat and the idea of making it a regular part of our diets raise questions that extend beyond technical challenges. Check out this comprehensive trend study on cultured meat and its impact on society, the food industry and the future of meat consumption.

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Check out this story in our Science Space and find out more about cultured meat and how this novel field could help tackling the scarcity of resources.

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