Raising questions beyond the technological aspects

As researchers, we have the task of introducing new solutions to the world. Our expertise and curiosity lead us to exciting innovation fields, which we explore with passion, courage and curiosity. One such field is cultured meat. As a leading science and technology company, we won’t produce cultured meat ourselves. Instead, we aim to accelerate this novel industry as technology enabler.

Asking bold questions
While working on technological solutions, we recognize that cultured meat and the idea of making it a regular part of our diets raise questions that extend beyond technical challenges: Is the world ready for a new source of food? How natural does our food need to be? How ethical is meat consumption, now and in the future? What are the implications for agriculture and farmers? Some of these questions seem bold. Some will ask us to leave our comfort zone. However, in innovation you have to embrace uncertainty and the unknown to succeed.

A scientist study as basis
The perspective of consumers is quite well covered by current research. But how about other stakeholder groups and opinion leaders? In a comprehensive trend study, we focused on a group that is naturally close to us: We surveyed scientists from a variety of disciplines about their views on cultured meat. We wanted to understand if scientists are more open towards new food options like cultured meat or if they are as skeptical as many end-consumers. Additionally, we talked with leading experts in our cultured meat network who shared a wide range of perspectives on current state and predictions for the future.

Stimulating discussions
This study is intended to stimulate discussion and reflection, with the goal of making progress on fundamental issues of sustainability – for human beings, animals and the planet. This is a topic that can change the world and make it better. It concerns all of us.

"Sustainable innovations require that scientific progress and responsible entrepreneurship go hand in hand. It takes awareness of ecological issues and a critical look at cultural and social requirements. And it takes the openness to not only pose uncomfortable questions, but also to follow through on the implications."

Lavanya Anandan

Head of Group Innovation Portfolio Management & Operations, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

Meet our experts

To bring different perspectives to the key questions we are elaborating in this trend study, we interviewed leading experts in the field of cultured meat. Get a sneak peek here, and read the full interviews in the study.

Is the world ready for cultured meat as a new source of food? Join us in this event with keynotes, panel discussion and Q&A to get insights on our recently published cultured meat trend study and reflect on the aspects of our food industry that can be reshaped as well as hurdles in technology, culture, society and regulations that cultured meat need to overcome.

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Timothy Olsen

Head of Cultured Meat Commercial

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