Cloud-based technology helps to speed up research

Our LANEXO™ digital laboratory informatics system automatically keeps track of reagents – freeing up more time for scientists to spend at the bench, accelerating research.

To carry out their work without interruption, scientists rely on a consistent supply of reagents. But many analytical and research laboratories still use cumbersome processes to keep track of supplies and order new stocks.
“Today, 85% of labs are using paper or Excel to manage consumables data, and 25% of time is spent managing these data – taking scientists away from bench research,” says Jean-Charles Wirth, our Head of Applied Solutions. “Lab efficiency is critical as it gives scientists more time to focus on their research and analytics work and less on administrative tasks, which ultimately leads to faster drug development.”
Our new LANEXO™ Laboratory Inventory, Safety and Compliance Management System is a new digital laboratory informatics solution that can help to improve efficiency, drastically reducing the time that researchers need to spend on repetitive, error-prone tasks. We estimate that the system can provide a 97% time saving on inventory management and a 92% saving on setting up an experiment and documentation – as well as improving data quality and traceability.
LANEXO™ is the first cloud-based digital laboratory informatics system to offer radiofrequency (RFID) labels that automatically register open dates and calculate expiry dates, digitally capturing lab reagent data in real-time. The system can be easily set up and rapidly integrated into existing experimental workflows. It enables simple reagent identity checks and provides automatic alerts to help scientists to avoid using expired reagents and minimizing experimental error.
The system is designed for use in highly regulated analytical and research laboratories – where digitalized inventory, storage and monitoring reduces human error and safety risks and improves the reliability and traceability of compliance documentation.
Ultimately, we hope that LANEXO™ will help accelerate scientific progress by enabling researchers to spend more time on their experiments.

How does it work?

Watch the video to see our Lanexo™ system in action.

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