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Carl Deutsch

Publish Date

01 JUN 2022


Hollywood, science, attraction, sugar and a group of curious people make the perfect recipe for scientific breakthroughs and lead to the effective improvement of antibody-drug conjugates (ADC’s). Sceptical? Surprised? Let Carl show you how these things come together to boost already armed antibodies

Learn from Carl, in a only few minutes, how Hollywood, science, sugar, and chemical attractiveness can strengthen armed antibodies and consequently lead to effective improvement of ADC's.

How would you describe your understanding of being a scientist?

Being a scientist means learning something new every day. To ask questions, to challenge a status quo. It means to enjoy “heureka” moments but being humble enough to understand that failure is part of the game. It means to be curious, to be interested in new things all the time. Innovation is oftentimes at the intersection of disciplines so being open minded is key.

What do enjoy most about your job?

Uncertainty is part of research. Thus, I usually do not know how the day ends, or if a
theory, which might be well founded, survives the pressure test of an experiment. Further, I enjoy the constant learning via the interaction with other disciplines and experts.

What specifically are you doing for your personal development? 

For my personal development I read non-fictional books about history or psychology and
think that travelling to different cultures can teach valuable lessons about diverse perspectives on life. To further broaden my horizon, I signed up for an executive MBA at MBS Mannheim / Essec Paris, which I have finished 4 weeks ago. Besides general management, especially the economic aspects made the studies, although stressful, interesting, and appealing. Learning and applying the language of economy in a scientific environment helped me to think more holistically about projects and to give science another value beside data.

What are your hopes for the future?

The projects and concept we worked and translate into a benefit for patients.

What advice would you give to young people interested in a career in science?

In research, failure is inevitable, it is part of the work. However, it is only failing if there are no lessons learnt. Thus, fail forward which means to learn from a failed experiment and do better in the next. Because sometimes a single experiment can make the difference and opens new perspectives. Especially these moments, when a theory stands the test and a project moves on, are priceless and worth the effort. So enjoy the learning curve with all its aspects.

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