Christina Esdar

For my personal balance I like to do some sports which re-energizes my brain but brings also very often new ideas to my mind.


Working in drug discovery in oncology is for sure challenging but also a real privilege. In my job, I have the great opportunity to apply my scientific education and my scientific curiosity to make a difference in cancer patients´ lives. I guess it is the biggest motivation for every scientist to contribute to a project that ultimately results into approval of a new cancer drug which helps patients. Each of our drug discovery projects comes with different challenges and questions. As a scientist, I am strongly committed to perform the right and critical experiments allowing data-driven decisions.

Furthermore, it is extremely rewarding for me to be part of a highly dedicated and engaged team in TIP Oncology. Our very collaborative and passionate spirit is creating an inspiring working atmosphere which keeps me motivated and excited about my work. For my personal balance I like to do some sports which re-energizes my brain but brings also very often new ideas to my mind. 

For my personal balance I like to do some sports which re-energizes my brain but brings also very often new ideas to my mind.

Christina Esdar

Head of Oncogenic Signaling Research in TIP Oncology


Joined Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany: 2001

Key research fields and topics:

  • Novel therapeutic concepts in context of oncogenic driver alterations.
  • Target validation and mode of action analyses of potential new molecular entities in cell-based cancer models.
  • Identification and validation of pharmacodynamic and predictive biomarker.
  • Translation of preclinical drug discovery into clinical development.

CV & Scientific activities


List of publications

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