Michal Krompiec

I've always been fascinated by the functional and mechanistic aspects of chemistry, on the fundamental, quantum-chemical level: how materials work in devices, how molecules collide and form new structures.


I've always been fascinated by the functional and mechanistic aspects of chemistry, on the fundamental, quantum-chemical level: how materials work in devices, how molecules collide and form new structures. Currently, I approach these topics with computational chemistry and cheminformatics toolkits - as a user of quantum chemistry & data analytics software, a coder and a manager of a small team. Previously I was involved in experimental work as well: I obtained my PhD in synthetic and physical chemistry. I joined our company in 2013 as an organic chemist and molecular modeller in the Organic Photovoltaics project. Making new photovoltaic polymers was a great experience - but I wanted to understand the OPV physics closer, hence I moved to Physics team in 2016 and ran the materials testing pipeline. Making sense of large volumes of experimental data we were generating was my passion, which led me to learning data mining and machine learning techniques, as well as building database systems. Since April 2018, I am responsible for the newly created Computational Modelling function in Performance Materials, where we help design new materials and reagents by means of virtual in-silico experiments. This unique position enables me and my team to contribute creatively to a wide range of projects, ranging from explaining the inner workings of an OLED display, through training machine learning models for prediction of optoelectronic properties, to designing new reagents for semiconductor manufacturing.

I've always been fascinated by the functional and mechanistic aspects of chemistry, on the fundamental, quantum-chemical level: how materials work in devices, how molecules collide and form new structures.

Michal Krompiec

Head of Computational Modelling, Chief Technology Office, Performance Materials


Joined Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany: 2013

Key research fields and topics:

  • Computational chemistry
  • Materials science

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