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More awareness will lead to greater action to control and eliminate schistosomiasis. Have a look at how we have created awareness of this disease.

On the first ever World NTD Day we announced and celebrated the major milestone of providing the billionth tablet to WHO. We will continue #MakingSchistory until this devastating disease is eliminated. 

In early July 2019, we renewed our longstanding collaboration with the World Health Organization to fight schistosomiasis. Merck  KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany Executive Board member & CEO Healthcare Belén Garijo and the WHO Director General Tedros Ghebreyesus signed the third memorandum of understanding. Together we are committed to #MakingSchistory!

On the occasion of the 72nd World Health Assembly in Geneva we hosted an exhibition highlighting on Neglected Tropical Diseases, particularly schistosomiasis. The photos tell the personal story of the small boy Manyazewal and how the efforts of the global schistosomiasis community are helping millions of children like him to get back to school. In October 2019 the exhibition was shown in our headquarter in Darmstadt and will start to travel in 2020 and beyond.

Celebrating ten years of donating tablets to WHO for African countries. To mark the milestone moment in the history of schistosomiasis –– a giant worm was placed on Lake Geneva in 2017. The idea behind the worm was to attract global attention to the disease. Since then the worm appeared on many different occasions. Stay tuned where it appears next. 

Schistosomiasis is a water-borne tropical disease caused by parasitic worms. Click below to learn more about it.

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More than a decade ago we committed ourselves to the fight against schistosomiasis. Learn more about our efforts to eliminate the disease.

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We are taking responsibility for the societies in which we operate. Our efforts in global health are part of the Corporate Responsibility Report.

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