Our CR Strategy

Responsibility is one of our core values. To us, being responsible means looking, listening and doing things better.

Taking on responsibility

Our corporate responsibility strategy reflects a shared value approach that centers on creating long-lasting added value for both our company and society.

In looking for ways to improve things, we focus our strengths on those areas where we believe we can have the greatest impact:

  • Global Health,
  • Sustainable Solutions as well as
  • Broad Minds.

Our engagement in these areas allows us to be competitive, relevant and pioneering, at the same time as working to secure a sustainable future.

Our strategic fields

Many people in the world lack access to high-quality health solutions. Engaging our own expertise as well as that of strong partners, we develop solutions for patients in low to middle income countries. Using this approach, we have partnered on projects such as the fight against the tropical disease schistosomiasis in Africa.

Global Health

We work non-stop to improve the sustainability footprint of our products, at the same time as helping our customers to achieve their own sustainability goals. One example of this is our liquid crystal technology, which reduces power consumption in smartphones and tablet displays, allowing manufacturers and users of these devices to do their bit for the environment.

Sustainable Solutions

Culture inspires people and broadens their horizons, but can it do more? We think that cultural inspiration can sometimes also be the first step in opening people’s minds to new ideas, including ideas within science, technology and innovation. This is why we support cultural initiatives and educational programs across the globe.

Broad Minds

Stronger together with our partners

UN Global Compact UN Global Compact
UN Global Compact

We are a UN Global Compact participant. We commit ourselves to ten principles based on UN conventions regarding human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption. At the same time, the UN Global Compact encourages the signatories to engage in propagating the principles.

Responsible Care Logo Responsible Care Logo
Responsible Care

As a signatory to the Responsible Care initiative of the chemical industry, we do more than required by law and have adopted binding standards for product responsibility, environmental protection, health and safety.

TfS Logo TfS Logo
Together for Sustainability
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Together for Sustainability

The Together for Sustainability (TfS) initiative aims to systematically assess and improve sustainability sourcing practices across the globe. The evaluation results can be used by TfS member companies who abide by all restrictions agreed upon within competition law.

ChemieHoch3 EN Logo ChemieHoch3 EN Logo

We are also a member of the Chemie3 initiative. The partners of this unique alliance aim to make sustainability a core part of the chemical industry's guiding principles and to jointly drive the sector's position within the German economy as a key contributor to sustainable development.

London Declaration Logo London Declaration Logo
London Declaration

The London Declaration is an innovative, multi-stakeholder partnership comprised of pharmaceutical companies, donor groups, implementing partners, governments and other supportive partners committed to attaining the World Health Organization (WHO) 2020 goals.

Logo Access Accelerated Logo Access Accelerated
Access Accelerated

At the World Economic Forum, 22 leading global pharma companies, including us, announced plans to launch a worldwide initiative called Access Accelerated. It aims to improve the prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in low- and middle-income countries.


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