American Coatings Show

New MICC Front1 Blue


When: April 10 – 12, 2018
Where: Indiana Convention Center
100 S. Capital Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46225
Booth Number: 1266

Wednesday April 11th, 10:30-11:00am
Session 13: Protective Coatings
Wei Liu and Gregg McCraw will present: 
“Discover the Advancement of Polysilazane in Coatings Applications”

We look forward to another great show with increasing numbers of attendees!  Will you be there? 

Our booth is sure to be hub of activity so great features including:

  • Our Virtual Reality Car of the Future
  • Fully Functional Slot Car Track
  • A tribute to our company’s 350th Anniversary.

While we are always happy to talk with you about any of our products, you will get a first-hand view of specific focus products including those shown below.

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  • Xirallic NXT

    Imagine the fantastic living sparkle of our Xirallic® products with new and more intense colors, come and discover
    Xirallic® NXT
    Learn more
  • Meoxal

    Meoxal® captivates with outstanding color saturation and metallic brilliance with patented technology
    Learn more
  • Tivida

    Tivida® offers you the coating additive solutions you need. The Tivida FL® series are top-performing, eco-friendly fluorosurfactants enabling perfect surface wetting
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  • Durazane

    Durazane®: high-performance coating solutions for applications related to mobility, architecture, and industry
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