Sustainability Report 2021

To our shareholders

A critical mass of people and organizations are now willing to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability with their money, votes, loyalty, and actions. We must all try and seize this moment to aim higher.

Belén Garijo Chair of the Executive Board and CEO
CEO letterTo our shareholders CEO

Ensuring sustainable progress

Key figures

Sustainable products

Sustainable products icon

1,400 “greener” alternatives to Life Science products


Promoting diversity

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36 % women in leadership positions


Mitigating climate change

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-9 % greenhouse gas emissions

Our key indicators cover

Our key indicators

We regularly assess where we stand in terms of meeting our three sustainability goals. We do this by using a set of key indicators, enabling us to make our progress measurable.

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How we contribute to the SDGs cover

How we contribute to the SDGs

As a company, we are called on to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Our interactive SDG tool shows how our scientific research and business activities are helping to achieve the SDGs and their individual targets.

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