Your journey of discovery begins with the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Each decision you make will influence your journey’s destination. Choose one of the three topics and explore some unexpected connections.


What a trip!

Your spirit of discovery has brought you all the way from Artificial Intelligence to #ENDPOINT 1#! For you, broadening your horizon is child’s play. Those with this much joy of discovery are seen as passionate, strong-willed, and ambitious. Welcome to the club!

You've explored #PATHCOUNT X# of 27 Trips!

Did you know that #ENDPOINT X# is also connected to Artificial Intelligence? Continue to find out how…

"It’s only by exploring unknown terrain that we discover new insights."

Dr. Todd Kashdan

Artificial Intelligence is our starting point. Where it will lead you is unknown – even to us! But we do know one thing: you’ll learn something new along the way… curious?

The exercise takes about 4 minutes.

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