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My Top 6: What the crisis has taught us

The coronavirus has already kept us in suspense for one and a half years. Apart from personal sacrifices and blows of fate, this pandemic has revealed weak points in society, politics and business, both globally as well as in Europe and Germany.

Heterogeneous Integration: A Revolution for the Semiconductor Industry

More data, more powerful chips. These days, semiconductors are at the heart of the technologies we all use at work and at home. Chips have become incredibly complex, and this is revolutionizing the way in which semiconductor companies approach chip design.

Autonomous driving with LiDAR technology

When people talk about the mobility of tomorrow, the topic of autonomous driving quickly comes up. Autonomous driving requires not only enormous computing power in the cars but also sensors that allow the vehicle to see where it is and where it’s going.

Vast amounts of data mean a vast amount of responsibility

With the advance of social networks, artificial intelligence and robots, many new ethical questions arise. Companies in particular are faced with increasing demands with regard to the responsible use of digital technologies and data.

The sooner, the better!

Speed is often crucial. This also applies when developing new material combinations – whether innovative solutions for the semiconductor industry or the latest liquid crystal mixtures in display technology.

Innovation through give and take

In the digital age, companies are dependent upon recognizing new technology trends early on. Exchanging ideas with others is emerging as a key element of this.

When artificial intelligence goes deep

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) and the deep learning method enable surprising and spectacular applications, such as image and voice recognition.

Digital chemistry

Apart from sustainability, digitalization is one of the key challenges facing the chemical industry. Digital solutions for all business sectors are more in demand than ever before.

The United States – A Global Semiconductor Powerhouse

Not only is the United States the home of Intel, one of the world’s largest chip manufacturers, it also ranks among the leading nations in the global semiconductor industry. EMD Electronics has increased our activities in the U.S. to provide materials and solutions for the semiconductor industry.

Man and machine: Digitally connected

Even though machines are becoming increasingly intelligent, human operation is still essential. The interfaces for this are becoming more and more sophisticated. Touchscreens and voice control have a firm place in our everyday lives today.