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Reading, writing, arithmetic – and programming?

We take it for granted that all children should learn to read, write and do arithmetic. In the digital era, new basic skills are added to this list, as we are now facing the challenge of digital literacy.

Will computers eventually be smarter than humans?

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI) – in the media, at conferences and in product brochures. Yet the technology is still in its infancy. Applications that would have been dismissed as science fiction not long ago could become reality within a few years.

How does innovation work?

The term “innovation” may well conceal the biggest black box in the business world. Every company wants to be innovative, but only a few manage to remain innovative for decades.

Cooperation in times of Covid-19

The spread of the coronavirus is going to sustainably change the way companies work. Working from home or on the road is suddenly no longer just a welcome option, but a necessity – for many companies this is a major challenge that requires flexible solutions.

Our company makes mobility possible

Whether electromobility, autonomous driving or smart traffic apps – future mobility calls for innovative technologies. Even if it’s not immediately apparent – products from EMD Performance Materials offer the automotive industry entirely new possibilities and can help to make future mobility ...

The future of work: Increasing equal rights

Equal rights have been an issue for many years. Women are still underrepresented in leadership positions and certain sectors such as the chemical industry.

The future world of work is also a matter of time

Theoretically, digitalization allows many people to work where and when they want to. As a result, the topic of working hours is creating new challenges for both legislators and companies. The German Federal Ministry of Labor has recognized the signs of the times...




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