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The future world of vocational training

The digital transformation is vigorously shaking up well-established occupations. Not least, the importance of IT expertise as well as communication, interdisciplinary collaboration and independent responsibility is growing.

The new digital force from East Asia

When it comes to the digital world, Silicon Valley is defining the present. But the future of the digital world is being created in China.

Making the most of digital collaboration possibilities

Digital technologies have fundamentally changed the way we communicate and collaborate. And the transformation is continuing.

The start-up scene in the United States vs. Germany

When it comes to realizing innovative business models, the United States is still the Eldorado for the start-up scene. Former start-ups such as Uber and Airbnb are impressively demonstrating this with a good idea and billions in profits.

Open innovation: Researching in isolation is a thing of the past

Digitalization creates networks. Networks accelerate the dissemination of knowledge. Thanks to the Internet, expertise can be distributed around the entire world in a matter of seconds.




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