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The next quantum leap?

Researchers all over the world are investing a great deal of time and effort in the development of practical quantum computers – which are still more or less in the experimental stage.

Almost like watching it live

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, sporting events, concerts, and exhibitions will have to take place without an audience being physically present for the foreseeable future.

The fundamentals of digitalization

Smartphones, tablets, etc. are now a normal part of everyday life. But what exactly is inside these devices that makes each new generation even more powerful than the previous one?

Reading, writing, arithmetic – and programming?

We take it for granted that all children should learn to read, write and do arithmetic. In the digital era, new basic skills are added to this list, as we are now facing the challenge of digital literacy.

Smart antennas for the digital future

Soon the entire world will be connected to the Internet through satellites. Providing cars, airplanes and households with easy access to the online world, from any location, will require a new generation of smart antennas.

Will computers eventually be smarter than humans?

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI) – in the media, at conferences and in product brochures. Yet the technology is still in its infancy. Applications that would have been dismissed as science fiction not long ago could become reality within a few years.

How does innovation work?

The term “innovation” may well conceal the biggest black box in the business world. Every company wants to be innovative, but only a few manage to remain innovative for decades.

Computers modeled on the human brain

Humans have always been inspired by nature when it comes to technological innovations – just think of the lotus effect or the streamlined shapes in modern design. Nature is now providing a model for the next generation of computers as well.

Suddenly digital: Answers to the Covid-19 crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has compelled countries, the global economy and every single one of us to move our daily lives to the digital world. This is happening to an unprecedented extent and at extremely short notice.

How the Covid-19 crisis changes our world

The coronavirus crisis has hit us hard. The surprise it has caused is actually itself surprising. After all, there were plenty of reports and images of Covid-19 in China – and despite this, we in Europe were not sufficiently prepared.









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