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Versum Lab Notes

Delivery Systems and Safety

Safety is an all-encompassing term in our industry – it includes employee safety, protecting your assets and assuring performance reliability. From a delivery system standpoint, your gas and chemical delivery cabinets require rigorous oversight.

Whether it is leak testing a gas delivery cabinet, providing a complete customer safety audit or answering a question about emergency procedures for handling a leaking silane cylinder, an “all-in” culture of reliability and environmental, health and safety is required to meet safety and reliability goals of the semiconductor operation.

Here is where we “walk the talk.” We have developed tools to help our customers better understand the history, usage, reliability, safety codes, and built-in-quality features of our delivery systems.

Our Reliability and Environmental Health and Safety White Paper illustrates the usage, built-in safety, installation, and applicable gases for use with our GASGUARD® family of systems.

Our Safety and Reliability Checklist will give you a thorough understanding of the engineering controls, process and design metrics of our GASGUARD systems, inform you of the best practice guidelines, and allow you to gauge if you are in supplier compliance or not.

When it comes to environmental health and safety, reliability, quality and the many other things that impact businesses, we are stronger together. All of us aspire to collaborate more confidently and build intimate relationships based on trust, respect, integrity and a deeper understanding of customers’ needs. We hope you find our two new tools useful. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time and we can begin a dialogue to get you going on the right path.

Contact: Kerry Lanza – GASGUARD Market Manager