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M4Ward Program

The Power of Collaborative Innovation

We help many of the world’s biggest tech companies stretch the boundaries of science and technology and bring cutting-edge innovation to market faster, easier and more reliably than ever before.

Already setting the market standard as a trustworthy and reliable supplier, the M4Ward™ Program has the breadth of knowledge and resources to support our partners in both the chemistry and the application process. Whether it’s creating customized materials, developing advanced analysis for new molecules, or engineering optimal containers; we enable our customers to accelerate innovation and expedite implementation.

The “Whole Package” Solution

As the semiconductor industry continues to go beyond Moore’s law, our customers’ demand new precursors to meet the performance and integration needs for advanced technology nodes. To successfully develop these offerings, it is much more than just the material but rather the “whole package.”

This is what the M4Ward™ Program is all about: Providing solutions with collaborative innovation in a complete package. Our ability to innovate from concept to commercialization both as a leader and as a partner, allows us to tackle challenges at any step in the development process.

Download our M4Ward™ Program literature for more information on the program.

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