Banish the Microplastics

We offer effective, scientifically proven alternatives to microplastics: equivalent but sustainable solutions that let you eliminate them from cosmetic formulations and regain consumers’ confidence.

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How to Replace Microplastics

Consumers are turning away from cosmetics brands that use potentially harmful microplastics, which accumulate in the environment. You can avoid this fate by choosing sustainable alternatives. We offer scientifically proven solutions like RonaFlair® mineral-based functional fillers, which add a wide range of desirable properties to cosmetic products, ranging from soft focus effects to wrinkle reduction, superior skin feel, and transparency.

Curious to know more? Take a look at the Banish the Microplastics campaign brochure with detailed information, which is available for download below.  To receive samples for testing in your lab, simply register on our portal and request a sample.


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