Turning the Kaleidoscope

Special effects turn attractive cosmetic products into most wanted items with shimmering or sparkling iridescent effects. A variety of colors and effects offer countless combinations for beautiful cosmetics.

Products That Persevere

We take product stability seriously and do everything to ensure that the quality of a formulation will last for years to come. We are committed to providing our customers with the innovative tools and technologies they need for ultimate formulation support. And we take pride in our customers creating amazing products from our raw ingredients. As the industry’s effects expert, we offer the broadest portfolio of cosmetics pigments based on seven different substrates and coating technologies. Looking to create a specific effect with pigments? We’re here to support you with the tips and tricks of the trade.

Discover the benefits of our pigments portfolio:

  • Safe and stunning
  • Largest portfolio of substrates and effects
  • Best color and quality stability on the market
  • Ultimate service package (product dossiers and more)
  • Reliable global supplier of innovative effects and new technologies

Color effects solutions

When even the best is not good enough, it is time to take Innovation to the next level. Smart and effective: our premium brand Smart Effects is a leading example for turning customer feedback into pioneering products. Living in a time of fast moving trends and advanced technology, it is our duty to listen to the market and not only meet needs but also set new trends!

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Pearlescent pigments have been used as colorants in color cosmetics since the 1960s. The technology that created the original silver white TiO2/mica pearlescent pigments was the basis for the wide range of colors and effects available in our line of special effect pigments today. Within the last several years, our customers’ use of pearlescent pigments has expanded from classical color cosmetics into personal care applications, including skin and hair care products, to provide unique aesthetic effects.

Watch our portfolio

We believe beauty is as unique as the individual–that’s why we created a portfolio of ingredients that can be formulated to fit the desires of every consumer. Whether you’re enhancing skin’s radiance or seeking a flawless matte appeal, RonaFlair® Functional Fillers use innovative, raw materials that wear comfortably and add a luxurious finish.

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