For us, product safety is of utmost priority. With the Food Contact Notification (FCN) we have obtained regulatory clearance from the United States Food and Drug Administration for the majority of our industrial and laser marking pigments in plastic applications.

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FCN is like the gold standard of product safety and is the preferred process of authorizing new uses of food additives and is recognized globally.

With the Food Contact Notification (FCN) for food & beverage, our decorative effect pigments can make your packaging more visually appealing.

For sustainability, incorporate laser-sensitive pigments inside the polymer to be able to replace traditional labels. Our laser marking technology is not only sustainable but is also consistent, fast and durable. Curious to learn more about Iriotec® pigments – visit our website!

  • FCN

    The Food Contact Notification (FCN) is approved by the US authorities. It is bound to the manufacturer and supplier of the product and does not need a periodic review.

    GRASE stands for Generally Recognized As Safe and Effective and these substances are listed by the FDA. TOR means Threshold Of Regulations also defined by the FDA.
  • LOL

    A Legal Opinion Letter (LOL) is a formal expression based on the expert’s knowledge from the law firm. It is not regulatory agency issued and has a validity of 5 years.


With the FCN number you will find more details about the product in the database of the United States Food and Drug Administration. You can review which intended uses are cleared, and what the limitations are regarding the conditions of use. The official database can be found at:
We can support you with our regulatory statements and give you these details on request. Please contact your local sales representative for further information.

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