Simply choose from our broad portfolio of almost 300 halal certified products including special effect pigments, cosmetic ingredients, and functional fillers for halal compliant cosmetics like makeup and skin care.

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Halal is the Arabic word for permissible. It is an ethical requirement for the Muslim populations worldwide. Halal beauty refers to any skin care, personal care or makeup product that meets the requirements of being halal. Along the entire value chain, strict guidelines for raw material purchasing, manufacturing, filling, warehousing, and transport are followed to ensure product purity in compliance with religious prescriptions. Some countries require by law the certification respectively label. This is true for many Muslim countries, but nowadays more and more regions utilize halal certification to foster opportunities on a global basis.

To support the increasing demand for halal products across the globe our portfolio now offers a wide range of halal certified cosmetics products and solutions including special effect pigments, cosmetic ingredients, and functional fillers.

  • Care Solutions

    Find out what combination of active ingredients suits your skins needs, based on your individual skin type. Learn more about new products and in vivo studies.
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    Be amazed by the colorful world of effect pigments. Play with the newest product launches and create unique effects with us to match current global cosmetic trends.
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    Discover our functional fillers which are crucial to the feel, look, and quality of cosmetics making products easier to apply and mask imperfections and skin discolorations.
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